Beating Doggie Cancer

Greetings Friends!

Today I am going to share with you something that is very near and dear to my heart. December 2008 my doggie Scooby Lee was diagnosed with cancer. He was 7-8 years old. I adopted Scooby from an animal shelter when he was about 2-3 years old. I love him to pieces. Now I am biased, but he is the best doggie in all the land. When this news came to me I was devastated. It was a really tough time for me anyway then to add this on top of it all, well let’s just say that I cried myself to sleep many, many nights.

How did I know something was wrong?

I was lucky, Scooby had a runny nose and it was that green colored mucus. He had it for about a week, so I called the vet and made an appointment. Our regular vet wasn’t available so we saw someone else, she gave Scooby antibiotics and two weeks later there was no change. So we went back and saw our regular vet.

We LOVE our regular vet, a friend of mine called him Dr. McDreamy, and he was. So Dr. McDreamy ran some more tests and Scooby and I went home. It was hours later that I got a call from Dr. McDreamy. He said that I am going to want to get a second opinion as he is not an oncologist, but it looks like Scooby has cancer. He was very apologetic and gave me a referral for a doggie oncologist.

I called my ex-boyfriend, Mitch (we had broken up about 3 months before, we ended a 3 year relationship and I considered him “Scooby’s Daddy”) and I told him what was going on. He went with me to the oncologists and Scooby had a CT Scan done.

The cancer was in his nose on his right side

It was too close to his brain for surgery. There was the option of radiation and chemotherapy, but we would of had to of traveled to San Diego for that treatment, (we lived in Las Vegas at that time). I didn’t like the radiation and chemotherapy option, his little booty would have to be knocked out EVERY time and we would of needed weeks of therapy. It wasn’t an option for me. So I went and got a second opinion.

Mitch suggested another vet, it’s where he took his dogs and it is the best vet in all of Las Vegas, so we called and made an appointment. We met with the doggie oncologist that is from Denver and came to Las Vegas to treat patients about 2 times a month. We told him our story and gave him all the test results. He suggested a chemo pill that I could give to Scooby myself, I wasn’t allowed to touch it and it had to be refrigerated, twice a day. Oh and it cost $200 a month. So I did that.

Both of the doggie oncologists told me that Scooby had less than a year to live.

I had to be strong, so incredibly strong and make sure that his QUALITY of life was better than the QUANTITY of life. As much as I love my doggie and I want him with me forever, I wasn’t going to be selfish and keep him around just for me.

With so much on my mind and trying to figure out how to beat cancer, I started my research. At this point Scooby was on the chemo pills, he was for about 3-4 months then I did this instead.

I kept coming across the same thing. People who were diagnosed with cancer changed from an animal protein diet to a plant based diet kicked cancer’s booty.

I saw this in several different places. Over and over again. I took it as a sign and I decided instead of spending $200 a month on chemo pills, spend that money on good vegan food for Scooby. So I did. Scooby now got brown rice, boca burgers and veggie broth. We finished off the pills and never took anymore.

I didn’t know if it was working, I know that a combination of his diet change and my positive energy and thoughts, I willed him back to health. It’s been over four years now. VERY GRATEFUL!

It was about a year and a half or so when Scooby and I went to Pet-A-Palooza in Henderson, NV. It’s a big party with vendors and bands, and you bring your doggie! Well the first doggie oncologist that we saw was there. I went up to him and chatted, I wanted to see if he remembered us, I told him what I had done and he said that Scooby looks amazing.

In Jan 2010 Scooby and I were going to be moving across the country, so I wanted to make sure he was up on his shots and get his teeth cleaned so we went to see Dr. McDreamy. Dr. McDreamy was shocked to see how well Scooby was doing. I told him how I changed his diet and he said,

“that we are not taught that in vet school”


No surprise there.

About a year ago, Scooby’s nose started getting really dry and cracked. He would sneeze blood and some times dried blood chunks would come out. I have zero faith in vets these days so I didn’t take him. I loved him and sat with him and I told him that it was his job to let me know when he was ready to go. There were several times when I broke down and cried and cried because I didn’t know what to do.

I would have a string cheese everyday. I opened it and Scooby would come a running. He always got the last bite. No matter how carefully and quietly we tried to open that string cheese Scooby would hear it. I did notice that Scooby was getting mucus-y, I didn’t know if it was allergies, the climate or that dreaded c word.

I travel for work and so when I am gone Scooby doesn’t get his bite of string cheese. I also noticed that he wasn’t as smelly or mucus-y. So I stopped the string cheese all together. It has been about 6 weeks now and it is amazing how much his nose has healed and the mucus is all gone.

Bottom line:

It has been over four years when Scooby was diagnosed with cancer. He was given a year to live, I would say that we kicked cancer’s booty!!

Meat and Dairy are NOT good for us.
(I have living proof.)

This video wasn’t out when I first started my cancer fighting research, but it is a real eye opener, I hope you are open to learning something new today. Oh and it might just save you or your doggies life.

Much Love!

Jennifer and Scooby Lee