How to knit or crochet a sashay (ruffle) scarf!

Greetings My Friends!

Crochet_Sashay Crochet Scarf_Tutorial_DSC_6075

This past holiday season my dear friend Marcia sent me a scarf that I absolutely adored! It was even more special because Marcia made it for me.

It was so beautiful I had to see how it was done. So I asked “The Google”.

Here is what I found.

This scarf is called a sashay scarf or ruffle scarf, there are a few different varieties and name brands, for this demo we will stick with Red Heart.

This is a pic of the type of yard you will need to purchase. One of these will make one scarf.

sashay yarn pic

They come in a wide variety of colors and are so beautiful!

There are two different ways to make these scarfs. You can either knit or crochet the scarf. I personally have been knitting them, yet I found this tutorial on how to crochet the scarf and it looks like it would be much faster!

Watch this video on how to crochet a sashay scarf!


Then watch this video on how to knit a sashay scarf!

Then decide which one works for you!

These can be amazing gifts for your friends and the best part is that they are easy and look so fantastic!


Much Love,

Jennifer Sig