I have wanted to develop a daily meditation practice for sometime now.

I keep hearing about how great meditation is for you, and you can find inner peace through meditation.

Well I believe it’s time I do it.

I would have to believe that Deepak Chopra is the most well known for his work in meditation. Below is a meditation from Deepak posted on youtube.

There are all kinds of different meditations. This one is from Gabrielle Bernstein, she has been featured on Oprah and is a published author of three books.

How to meditate with Gabby.

This is the most exciting that I have for you today.

Deepak and Oprah have teamed up again to share with us a 21 Day Meditation Challenge.

I will admit, I have started these in the past and would spend a day or two going thru 7 meditations all at once. That is not the purpose of it. I am going to build a daily meditation practice and I am using this as my starting point. I would love it if you would join me on the three week challenge.








It’s FREE! Please join me, I will post my progress and I would love to hear yours!


Much Love,

Jennifer Sig