The Day I “Petted” A 120 Pound Albino Boa Constrictor.

Let me start off by saying, like a lot of people, that I am extremely afraid of snakes.

My “job” is always changing and I never know what surprises will happen through out the day. Today was no different. The client has this whole Indiana Jones Theme and they thought it would be great to have some HUGE snakes to show the audience.

Well, the snakes “staging area” was 8 feet from where I was sitting. When the snakes were brought in, there were actual tears in my eyes, from fear. I couldn’t even see them, they were in large Rubbermaid tubs with latches!


I want to say that the fear of snakes stemmed from my childhood, when I was at my cousins ranch, and I was in the restroom, I must have been about 8-9 years old and there was a garden snake on the window seal, INSIDE!! I yelled and my cousins came running in and Chad had a stick and got the snake outside. I was traumatized!

The Universe always gives you what you need and I looked at this as an opportunity to not fear snakes so much. The whole crew knew how afraid of snakes I was, I announced it on com and to not startle me. (I have a heart condition, after all.)

When the first snake made her debut, one of the snake wranglers, (the cute one!) came and stood right next to me to “protect” me. He turned around and said “I got ya!” I thanked him very much. I’m so glad that the snake wrangler and a co-worker were between the snake and I!!

About 30 mins later, after Larry King, yes, as in Larry King Live, gave his presentation, the LARGE snake made his debut! Ugh. Again this 15 foot snake was less than 8 feet away from me.


Brett, a co-worker of mine said, “Jenn, go conquer your fear! It’s a great opportunity!”

I knew it was, and I thought about it the second the snakes were brought backstage. I had a few minutes where I didn’t have any work to do, so I went and asked if I could touch the snake. They said yes, at the tail area. OMG!! I stepped closer with my hand out and couldn’t do it. I tried again. Nope. Didn’t happen. I told the cute wrangler guy to hold my hand and I tried again. I did it really quickly!! Then I had to do it one more time so I could count it!!



Holy crapolla, it was scary as hell, but I am so glad that I did it. I still am not a fan of snakes, but at least now I am a little less scared of them.

10409188_10153206540374578_1300726775558346500_nThree feet from Brett’s Face!!

10985243_10205945824069081_1410428112377667700_n15 Feet Long!

10997630_10205945865790124_3870789203183582675_nLarry King

10991210_10205945823869076_1288186715116199081_nI still can’t believe I did it.


What is a fear of yours? Have you conquered it? Or at least taken a step forward to conquer it? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!